My Word on
South Park: Bigger,Longer and Uncut

    This movie is rated 'R' and for good reason. It spews foul language. There is nudity, a giant talking clitoris and Saddam and Satan have gay sex. Putting all that aside though it was a fun movie. One that was basicaly immature humour incarnate. But it was funny. The songs (oh yeah it's a musical) were very funny especially the song "What would Brian Boitano do?" because even the boys have a hero even if the feats he accomplishes are purely imagined.

    Believe it or not this movie was quite the social commentary! It was a movie about how people overeact to the effects of a foul mouthed movie presented in the form of a foul mouthed movie. It even has a part where the children namely Kyle say that the movies and TV aren't to blame they, the children are. The parents, unable to accept that who they were blaming wasn't the one's actually at fault, continue on anyway.

This movie gets an 8.5/10