Dramatis Personae

 Returning Characters
 New Characters


Kyle: He's one of the smarter of the fearsome foursome.
        His brother is an adopted Canadian. His mother is a
        big fat bitch and they are all Jewish. Although he
        doesn't know why it makes him different from
        everyone else.

Stan: The other smart one. He's the most average ofall the
         four. His love interest is Wendy Testaburger but when
         ever he see's her he throws up because he's so

Cartman: Actually his name is Eric if you didn't already
        know that. Any way he is the most loud mouthed,
        spoiled obscene, obnoxious, self-cenentered ass hole
        in the bunch but he does a good german dance.

Kenny: He's poor.


Mrs. Broflowski: Kyle's mom. She's a big fat bitch. She's
        the biggest bitch in the whole wide world. She's a
        mean old bitch if there ever was a bitch. She's a bitch
        to all the boys and girls.

Mr. Broflowski: He's married to her.

Ike: Kyle's little brother. Though he's not really his brother
        he's an adopted Canadian.

Mrs. Marsh: Stan's mom. She like every mom thinks her
        boy is perfect.

Mrs. McCormick: Kenny's mom. She's poor too. She well...

Mrs. Cartman: Cartman's mom. She's a hermaphroditic
        crack-ho. Don't make me say anymore please!

Chef: He's, you got it, a chef! He's the one who usually
        helps out the boys with their various... issues.

Wendy: Stan's love interest she get's snotty and trust me
        don't f*** with her.

Terrance and Philip: a flatulant duo from Canada. They are
        bigshot TV stars though they are the cause of the boys
        bad language.

Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat: The boys' teacher and his hand
        puppet. Either one or both are very gay.

Mr. Mackey: The councilor at the boys' school. He helps
        them with their flagrant psychological problems.

Officer Barbrady: The incompitant law enforcement guy. his
    motto is "To Serve and Neglect".


Saddam Hussein: Everyone's sandy little butt-hole returns
        as a dead guy. Everyone thought he was the devil.
        Well he's not but he is doing him.

Satan: The Prince of Darkness also known as Saddam's
        bitch. He rules Hell but longs to be somewhere else.
Big Gay Al: The name sais it all.

New People
Howard Mcgillan: He's a smart guy from some school
        outside South Park. His being so politcal and a
        natural leader attracts him to La Resistance and he
        swiftly takes it over.