Hints & Tips
If you are like me you would like any game with some really cool weapons but in MGS the first weapon you get is one of the best. The SOCOM pistol while looking pretty dinky is pretty powerfull and is the only silenced weapon so you can sneak just outside of an enemy's con of vision and pop him off without any of his buddies in the room reacting. The socom is also the only weapon with a laser sighting so you can aim it well without resorting to ammo waste.
Prison fight
Shortly after you get out of the prison cell were the DARPA chief is, you will get into a fight where genome soldiers will be flooding in through the door. Stand to one side of the door and open fire as soon a wave gets through the door. When they're dead simply walk to the other side of the room to pick up the ammo and rations that the soldiers leave then turn around for the next group of SOCOM fodder to walk through the door.
Revolver Ocelot
When you fight Revolver you will be forced to chase him around the room. don't bother firing and shooting because he'll alwase be just around the corner from you. Some time though he'll run out of buillets and stop to reload or he'll turn around to make a shot this is your chance to shoot.
Snake Vs. The Tank
Let's put it this way if you don't have any chaff grenades you had better get some. The only way to beat the tank is to pop a grenade onto the turret where the gunner is and blow him up but you can't get that close because the tank's heavy gun tracks you and if you cross "the line" for lack of a better word you get shot by the tanks heavy artillary and you're good as dead. When you do eventually manage to get some chaff in the air get up close to the side of the tank behind the gunner he won't shoot you uless you're in front of him then you toss you're grenade and... well you get the point!
Nikita Missiles
After you fire of one of these missils you can hit your first person button and gide the missle as if you were piloting it.
Fighting the Ninja
Start without a weapon drawn and keep it packed the ninja will only fight hand to hand and can do you some damage if you go at him with a weapon.
At one point every time you swing at the ninja he'll zip to a point just far enough to be missed by your punch and just close enough to hit you. To best himm don't rapid you're punch. Punch once wait for him to move swing again and again he'll move. The third punch will connect so you can do that one-two and kick combo thingy.
At the end of the fight he will be out of health but the fight's not over he'll be screaming "HURT ME MORE!!" and spewing a bleu field. You can go up and hit him when the field is at its smaller point and miss your timing and and get hurt or you could wip out your FA-MAS a pelt him with bullets.
Finding Meryl among the soldiers
So you can't figure out where only a woman can go on a base?
go to the first floor basement of the nuke building and go to the far right as you come out of the elevator you will pass the
WOMEN'S BATHROOM.... Get the hint? hide behind the piller thingy and pres against it when you see some one headed to the WOMEN"S BATHROOM with a very unmillateristic walk follow her in.
For the pathetic loosers out there who couldn't get pornography you'll be happy to know that if you get to Meryl's sall within 5sec she will talk to you without her pants on. No you don't see anything she's got underwear.... and a long shirt.
When fighting Psycho Mantis you will be given a chance right at the begining when the screen blanks out and only the word HIDEO will be at the top right corner. If you remember that the name of the game's director is HIDEO you won't freak out and turn off your game thinking it's screwed up. This is your chance to unplug your controller and replug it into port 2. Mantis won't be able to read your mind and you can kick some psychic ass.
If you loose Mantis hit your first person button and you will be able to see through his eyes.
Sniper Wolf
There's not much I can offer except that if you get hit while in scope mode, un-equip the rifle and re aline yourself. Also if you've got plenty of ammo you can afford to machine gun it when you've run out of diazapam.
After this you had better save because you are about to be ...
My only advice for this part is concentrate on convulsing your hand to hit that button don't even watch the screen until it's over don't stop hitting the button as soon as the torture stops you will be given a few seconds to heal some more.
Liquid Snake in the Hind
After you've gotten the stingers you can fight Liquid. The only real advice is to stay between the two buildings. You have good cover here from gun fire and you can follow the hind throught the stingers display for the targeting reticals for the hind show up any where even if he's behind a building. If you follow my advice you'll make another snake. GAS Snake...... You know when you heat a liquid it turns to gas and you explode the hind you heat Liquid?...........
Elevator Attack
When you get on the elevator after fighting the hind you'll be attacked by four soldiers in Stealth suites. The bestway to beat them is to start by fire while pivoting then move to a corner where you can't be attacked from behind or one side. If an enemy gets close don'ty be afraid to hit him.
Vulcan Raven
Two words: CLAY-MORS. Plant enough of them around and you'll be able to beat Raven without firing a shot. Just be sure you can see them or else you might blow yourself up. I sujest the thermal goggles.
The Hall-o-Death
Just after you kill raven there is a hallway that leads to a catwalk. there are two trap doors in the hall way just before the Ration, so if you want it run to it without stopping untill just after the ration. at the end of the hall is a large room laced with machin gun cameras.
1. Toss a chaff grenade and don't stop till you get to the other door.
2. Fire stinger missles and destroy all the cameras.
        (not as effective but it can be fun)
Fighting Metal Gear Rex
Again chaff grnades will save your life when you're trying to destroy the radar dome. They also keep the missles from firing at you. When they do fire run right at Rex as fast as possible. When he opens up with the vulcan cannons run either directly towards or away from Rex not left or right there is enough space between the hits to allow a person to occupy.
When you fight when liquid is exposed continue with the chaff but also use stun grenades they blind Liquid and you can walk between Rex's legs. When the flare is gone if every thing's gone right liquid won't move rex he'll jus tlook for you and you'll be able to see his cone of vision in your radar this will give you plenty of time to line up a shot with the stingers into the "chin" of Rex.
The Great Escape
When you're at the gun in the jeep, hold down the first person button. You will be able to aim much better. When you first get the jeep don't bother shooting the soldiers shoot the barrels the driver will automaticaly start going and any soldiers in the way get run over. Same for the first road block.